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Is the Soldier: 

  • 365 Days from ETS 

  • In an active status (not AGR/FED TECH/ING) 

  • Not currently flagged 

  • Has current passing APFT: 14 months from date of extension for MDAY and 8 months for AGR 

  • Physical Exam 12 months from ETS  

  • E-3 through E-7 

  • TIS is 13 years and one month OR LESS, based off of PEBD  

  • DMOSQ (unless due to mobilization, reorganization, inactivation, or transformation) 

  • In an MTOE, Medical Unit, or Cyber Unit 

  • Not in an excess position (999E) 

  • Has a good year (no more than 9 unsats in 12 months) 

  • Term of service (years Soldier’s wants to extend) meets incentive requirements per policy (see below) 

  • DOR prior to 2018, missing required NCOES (i.e. E7 with no SLC) 


3 (or more) Year Extension:  10K Lump Sum (Per 2024 SRIP): 

  • All items listed above 

  • Must extend for 3 years 


I, state your name, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the constitution of The United States and the State of Idaho against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States, the Governor of Idaho, and the Officers appointed over me so help me God.


SFC John Bake,  Retention NCO Area 1 (North-145) : 208-961-1663

SSG Andrew Cruz, Retention NCO Area 2 (West-2-116/RTI/G-145) : 986-888-1282

SFC Thomas King, Retention NCO Area 3 (West- AVN/ JFHQ/MED) : 986-888-1290

SFC Shane Rock, Retention NCO Area 4 (South-BEB) : 208-863-6450

SSG Jim Stone, Retention NCO Area 5 (East-148) : 986-888-1276

SPC Adenike Okunuga, Retention State Administrative NCO : 208-869-2791

SFC Tammi Crnkovich, State Retention Manager : 208-994-2357

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