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The education paths are endless! If a 4-year traditional college doesn't appeal to you, our Education benefits are solid for any Idaho trade school to include Lineman and Cosmetology!

  • Complete your education while you serve in the Idaho Army National Guard!

  • Over $14,000 in GI Bill benefits are waiting for you!

  • Qualify for up to $12,000 per year in Federal and State Tuition Assistance! Additionally, we offer $20,000 for trade schools!

Curious about our ROTC program?



Qualified jobs are tied to a signing bonus of up to $20,000!

  • Paid Training for every job

  • Drill pay (eligible during your Junior year of High School)

  • Full-time employment opportunities


Less than $50 per month for an individual Idaho Army National Guard Soldier!

Less than $220 per month for you and your family.

Less than $100 per month for Dental benefits for both you and your family

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